* Lottas bakery *

Flour bags on the floor, sourdough plains in buckets, apricots in cartons. Bakingplates will be in and out of the oven, customers queue, the stopwatch beeps and dough mixer machines a rye dough for tomorrow. There is full speed in the bakery at Tjörn, and in the middle of the chaos, Lotta Kristensson shows how easy it is to put a sourdough, which is then used instead of yeast. She poures two decilitre of stone-ground rye flour and two deciliters of water into a small bucket and mixes.
– It’s all that’s needed. The flour I use is so good and the summer heat speeds up the process, so this will be in operation as early as tomorrow, she says.

I am a self-taught baker who loves to bake bread without fat or lot of sugar / syrup in the dough. Bake with eco-labeled organic ingredients, I prefer to bake rough bread with whole grain flour, but try to make a little lighter bread with, of course, sourdough. The important thing for me is to do everything from scratch and do not take any shortcuts. It may take some time, my bread gets mostly fermented for at least 24-48 hours, so the aroma will be as good as possible (and I’ll sleep for an hour longer ).