Introduction to kayaking

Introduction to kayaking

For those who have not been kayaking before,
but want a good start to a lifelong interest.

Or have tested a few times but want to paddle in a more efficient and safe way.

The aim of the course is to make you feel safe and secure in the kayak,
get knowledge of the equipment and an increased interest in kayaking.

What is included in the course?
Launch and climb in and out of the kayak
Basic paddle technique
Wet-exit (roll and get out of the kayak). With an instructor by your side!

Companion Rescue

The course is structured in two part:
During the first four hours you will get instructions and to paddle with a guide. For the rest of the day you have the kayak at your disposal and we recommend you explore the beautiful nature on your own.

4 hours course (10-14) + rent the rest of the day (14-17:30) Price 1290: –