Stand up paddle course

Stand up paddle course

Why Stand Up paddleboard ?
Stand Up Paddling can at first sight be perceived as a somewhat odd sports activity. But during your first paddling, you get a lot of positive impressions and for many, this activity is rapidly addictive. The reasons for the popularity of sport are many, and the positive aspects include the following.

Easy activity for everyone.
Combined Training.
Improvement of balance, coordination, mobility & health.
Minimal risk of injury / over effort.
Social activity & relaxing activity.
Easy to store and transport


Introcourse stand up paddling (12am-3pm)
We guide you and teach you the basics in hope that you will have a good start to a lifelong interest.
The board rent is included in the price a 850 SEK p.p. for 3 hours
We set up the course as follows:

We start with a little theoretical review, the story around the boards, what different boards, different techniques and the benefits of paddling SUP. .
Warming up, instructions for SUP for beginners.
SUP Tour Paddling in the area around Bleket and the harbor.
Little competition, challenges and teamwork for everyone! Do your best!

To bring you:
– Swimsuit / shorts
– Extra shirt to wear  (can get wet)
– Raincoat / jacket if there is a chance of weather
– Water bottle
– towel
– Warm clothes to put on afterwards

No previous experience needed. Instructions will be given in English and Swedish. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call!
See you! ☺