Tour suggestion

Tour suggestion

Pater Noster fyren, turen för den som gillar äventyr.

Pater Noster is a Heidenstam lighthouse standing on the arcipelago of Hamneskär, . The lighthouse was built in 1868 and was used until 1977 when the angling lighthouse Hätteberget took over. You can see the lighthouse already when you reach Klädesholmen and it looks like it lies behind the next island. But do not be fooled, it’s about 8km there and can almost feel frustrating when the lighthouse never gets closer, but it’s worth the effort! On the way out, you paddle through rugged landscapes with many sharp mountains and with great opportunity to see bird and seal.

Note: The trip requires some caution and in the wind this can be a very demanding trip with big swell. Several of the insects are bird protected areas and you may not enter or stay within 50m from April 1st to July 15th. Ask us before you decide if you are unsure!


Dagstur till Sandholmen och Skärhamn


A nice tour via Klädesholmen island an old fishing village and then further north via eggeskär lighthouse (on calm days). After  an our you reach the picturesque island of Flatholmen, a small fishingvillage in the middle of nowhere. You paddle trough the small strait in the harbour and then continue towards Hjärterön. This is an uninhabited island there you can stop for a lunch and strolling around in the great nature. After lunch you head for Sandholmen and Skärhamn, there you choose a stopover/to take a swim or for a break instead of Hjärterön. If you choose Skärhamn instead you are back in civilized areas with restaurants, the watercolour-museum and shops. Now the trip turns back to bleket and Kajaktiv Tjörn where you started. Take another route back which we at Kajaktiv Tjörn will help you to find out.


Åstol, Dyrön & Kärrsön.

We highly recommend the trip going east from Kajaktiv and Bleket. Weather-like, it should be the same conditions as the trip to Pater Noster when the paddling partly crosses the open ocean. Either you go the inner trail via Kalvsund past Rönnäng or you take the outer road via the island “the wall”and then the route to Åstol, a rocky island in the middle of the sea full of houses.

Paddle into the sheltered harbor of Åstol, walk ashore and walk among narrow alleys and seabed, finish with some smoked shrimp at Åstols Rökeri (restaurant) before you leave the journey towards the inner archipelago of Hakefjorden. Either you have been to Åstol or you paddle past and enter the shore on the neighboring Dyrön. Enjoy the greenery and the views of the island and maybe wander around the island on the stunning trail through your rugged cliffs and west side views to lush coves with sandy beaches on the east side of the island.

After this lies the protected and lush island of “Kärrsön” with narrow valleys and awaits you. Climb on a small sandy beach, take a bath and enjoy the Bohuslän archipelago. If you happen to have time over or think about camping, then you have to paddle further to the island “katten”, a fantastic island with sandy beaches and a perfect tent site on the northeastern side of the island . Go on exploring and exploring, enjoying and serenity at night at the campfire.