Kayak anual meeting Stocken Orust 23-25 August

Kayak anual meeting Stocken Orust 23-25 August

August 23, 2019 12:00 am   to   August 25, 2019

Welcome to the stocken kayakmeeting where kajaktiv Tjörn participates. You can test, buy accessories or just talkt on the world’s nicest leisure interests.

A well-known meeting open to all. Hundreds of paddlers meet and enjoy water that has something for everyone. The meeting is free and Tjörn’s kayak club arranges grouping for those who want to attend, on Saturday.

Otherwise, we try to solve some form of image display and otherwise it is free for optional activities, bathing activities, bathing, paddling, boarding, kayaking, coffee drinking, whale watching, kayaking, etc. Everything is possible, around the corner we have one of Sweden’s finest archipelago areas.

We are constantly updating with more info here. Please feel free to be interested in the event and you will receive information when it is published. On our website you will find all practical info about Stockreft.