Guided kayak tours in Sweden westcoast and Tjörn

Guided tours

A day among islands and rocky islet

Enjoy the salty winds while we carefully slide through the beautiful nature of Tjörn island.
During a full day we paddle to the most traditional fishing villages and explore the shallow straits where only one kayak reaches.
On one of the hundreds of islands we take a break and there is the possibility of a cooling dip while we have lunch.

Klädesholmen at dawn

A quiet and nightly evening trip in Tjörn’s archipelago.
Our guides show you their favorite places while we carefully paddle
through the traditional fishing villages at dusk.
When we go landing we offer some snacks .

2 day paddle in the world’s most beautiful archipelago

Experience the Bohuslän archipelago during two days sea kayaking in amazing paddle water,
explore the shallow straits where only one kayak reaches. After a day at the sea, we will camp in appropriate
location depending on weather. After the campsite has been prepared, you can go out on a discovery across the island
or just hang and relax or take a dip in the ocean. When the evening is nearing we fix dinner, make a fire and enjoy
the silence and tranquility.
Guarantee that sleep will be good.

2 day luxury kayaking in the swedish westcoast arcipelago


Enjoy  Bohuslän at its best. We will spoil you well with world-class kayaking according to New Zealander James Wenimore, after kayaking the whole day a sauna in a wood-burning sauna with sea views awaits. In the evening we relax in front of the fire in an beach house near Kajaktiv Tjörn, the day’s kayaking is handled while we cook a dinner under the supervision of a food guide who gives tips and fills in where needed. As the evening approaches its end, a wonderful sleep in the house awaits you only for the weekend. Pamper yourself and treat yourself to the little extra over a weekend.

Kajaktiv Tjörn is present where it happens !

This year Kajaktiv Tjörn will take part in a number of events. 
try our sea kayaks on the day of herring on 6th June at Salt & Sill,
the wooden boat festival down at the beach in Skärhamn or why not bring the family to Frivolt in August or
The kayakdays at the end of August at Stocken Orust.
Warmly welcome and meet us for a little talk around padding.

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