Kayaking in the Bohuslän archipelago!


Review & Safety Instructions
Kayak & paddle
Lifevest & Spreyskirt
Water resistant chart

Note ! If you want us to pick you up with the car+kayaktrailer on a agreed location when the renting period is over, there is an additional cost of 1000 SEK within Tjörn Island.

To rent kayaking on our kayak rental, you must:
Understand that all kayaking is at your own risk.
Have good swimming skills.
Be mine 18 years or in parents company.
Always wear vests while paddling.
Always bring a mobile waterproof storage.
Notify us if you are late, or if you need help!


Half day Full day 24 h Weekend Week
Singel kayak: 390 SEK 550 SEK 650 SEK 1100 SEK 1900 SEK
Double kayak: 550 SEK 690 SEK 890 SEK 1300 SEK 2700 SEK

To rent a kayak for half a day, contact us via e-mail.


Half day: 3 hours (10am-1pm  2pm-5pm)
Full day: 7 hours
24 h: 9am-9am
Weekend: fri 5pm – Su 5pm
Back at the kayak center latest 5.30 pm

Before excursion
Try out the spreyskirt and lifevest and make sure it fits properly.
Vests are mandatory.
Try out the paddle, reach the top of the paddle with your fingers.
Schedule your route, we will gladly help.
Check the weather, wind direction and wind speed is the main things to look out for.

During excursion
Update weather report, weather changes. check atäder-skärhamn
Relax in the hip. Let the kayak follow the movements of the water.
Do not hold harder than necessary in the paddle.
Never paddle where you can not imagine capsizing.
Check in both directions as you cross the waterways, boats may have trouble seeing you.
Do not underestimate the speed of boats / ships.
If you capsize – hold the ropes on the kayak, it floats.
Remember to light the lantern / lamp well before it starts to darken.

When you’re back on Kajaktiv
Rinse off the kayak with the hose inside and out, especially rudder and all plastic and metal parts.
Pump out the water using the sponge to remove the final rubbish & water.
Leave it open in the cargo spaces so it may dry out.
Dip life vest and spreyskirt in the rinse tanks, hang up on the drying rack.

The rented equipment must be returned in the same condition as when you received it.
In case of lost or damaged equipment you are liable for damages