SUP Yoga

Using a stand up paddle board (SUP) as a liquid yoga mat gives a different dimension to yoga practice than traditional yoga on land. Physically speaking, small muscles in the body, which may not always work in the onshore practice, must be activated to maintain balance. In addition, the exercise of SUP yoga involves contact with the element water and nature. Water has a healing and healing effect while SUP-yoga invites you to playfulness. Many participants experience a sense of calm and presence when practicing yoga on a SUP board and the savasana on the board is not made fair by a description, it must be experienced.
Experience the water, the warmth of the sun and the calm within you with SUP yoga! The feeling of power and calm lasts long after you are back on land.
No experience of kayaking or yoga is required. We learn the basics of SUP paddling and enjoy yoga on the board. Take the opportunity to experience SUP yoga in beautiful Bohuslän!