Hyr kajak och SUP: info@kajaktivtjorn.se

Köp kajak och SUP på västkusten – Butik på Tjörn


of kayaks and SUP boards (Info further down)

Information ⋅ Price⋅ Hours


Review & safety instruction
Kayak & paddle
Life jacket & cockpit chapel
Water -resistant chart


Clothing that can withstand wet (preferably not of cotton)
A thin jacket that is wind -resistant
Lunch & snacks
Sunscreen factor (in case of sunny & warm weather)
Band aid (First aid kit)
Thin shoes preferably neoprene or barefoot in the summertime. (To have contact with the Roder pedals)
Clothes & hat in cooler weather (change in a waterproof bag if the accident has occurred)
Waterproof mobile case

Note! If you want us to pick up by car+trailer in a place agreed place, when the rental period is approaching its end, a transport cost of SEK 1000 will be added at Tjörn.


To rent a kayak on our kayak rental you have to:
Understand that all paddling is at your own risk.
Have good swimming skills.
Be mine. 18 years or in the goalkeeper’s company.
Always wear life jackets during paddling.
Always bring a mobile waterproof stored.
Notify us as soon as possible at delay, or if you need help!


Half day full day day 1 1/2 -day weekend week
Single Kayak: 390 550 690 1100 1300 2500
Double kayak: 550 690 890 1300 1500 2900
If you want to rent half day, you can contact us by mail.

Rental times

Half day: 3 hours, 10-13 or 14-17
Full day: 7 hours

Day: 9.00 – 9.00
1 1/2 days (32 hours): 9.00 Day 1 – 17.30 day 2
Weekend: Fri 17.00 – SÖ 17.00
Back at the center no later than 17.30

When paddling

Before the excursion
Try out the chapel and life jacket to fit.
Life jackets are mandatory.
Try out paddle, you should reach the top part of the paddle with your fingers.
Planned route (we are happy to help) should be left to Kajakt.
Check the weather, think about wind direction and wind strength.

During paddling
Update the weather report, the weather shifts. www.butt.se/väder-skärhamn
Relax in the hip. Let the kayak follow the movements of the water.
Do not hold harder than necessary in the paddle.
Never paddle where you can’t imagine capsizing
Check out both directions as you pass fairways, boats may have a hard time seeing you.
Overhaft electricity do not underestimate boats/vessels’ speed.
If you capsize – hold on to the ropes on the kayak, it flows.
Remember to light the lantern/lamp well in advance before it starts to obscure.

When you are back on kajayakcenter
Rinse the kayak with the hose outside and inside, especially rudder and all plastic and metal parts.
Pump out the water Use the sponge to remove the last debris & water.
Leave it open in the cargo spaces so it can dry out.
Dip life jacket and chapel in the rinse barrels, hang up on a drying rack.

The rented equipment must be returned in the same condition as when you got it.
In case of lost or damaged equipment you are liable for compensation


Cancellation rules

30 days before starting booked activity:
The entire sum is paid back EXL Administrative Fee of SEK 50

29-15 days before starting booked activity:
80% of the sum paid back EXL Administrative fee of SEK 50

14-8 days before starting booked activity:
50% of the sum paid back EXL Administrative fee of 50 sec

7-1 days before starting booked activity
25% of the sum paid back EXL Administrative Fee of SEK 50

24-0 hours before booked activity:
0% of the sum paid back EXL Administrative fee of 50 sec

In case of acute illness or other serious accident (by a person who booked, family member or participant in booked activity), the full amount is paid back provided that valid certificate from a doctor, insurance company or authority can be presented.

Kajacture Tjörn reserves the right to cancel the activity due to. Unwilling weather (paddling = hard wind/stiff breeze or thunder, not rainfall).
In the case of unfit weather at a regular place, the activity can be moved to another place in Tjörn or to a later bookable date.
If none of these options can be accepted electricity fits the guest, the booked sum is repaid when Kajaktiv Tjörn canceled the activity.
Kajacture Tjörn takes no responsibility for bookings that have been made in conjunction with Kajacture Tjörn’s activity such as hotel room/cabin, ferry/air tickets that the booker has done with third parties, which is canceled as a result of Kajakiv Tjörn setting the activity to bad weather.
Decisions on canceled tours/ activities/ rentals are made solely by Kajakt Tjörn and our guides.
The decision on canceled tours due to unfit weather is always based on guests’ safety and is not disputed.