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Köp kajak och SUP på västkusten – Butik på Tjörn

Kayaking on the Swedish West Coast

A close to nature experience

To kayak is to be a part of the sea & nature. To get silently between cobs & skerries, through narrow straits, to feel the smell of seaweed and the taste of salt, that is life in a kayak.

Rent a kayak

Renting a kayak on the west coast is wonderful. Find your own bay around one of the thousand islands the Bohuslän coast has to offer.


Kayak courses

Start by taking a course with us. For you who have not paddled kayak / SUP before, but want to get a good start on a lifelong interest.


Guided Tours

A guided day trip among Bohuslän’s cobs & skerries is an unforgettable experience with the saltiness of the sea and coffee on a small island.

Guided tours

Visit our shop

In our shop at Kajakcentret you will find most things that have to do with kayaking. Kayaks, SUPs, life jackets, paddles and accessories.



Early season paddling on the west coast!

Come and explore the Bohuslän coast when it is at its calmest and most peaceful.

Experience a day at sea in early spring that you would otherwise not have had the opportunity to see.

There are no boats out at sea and so we have birds and nature all to ourselves. We provide all the equipment you need to feel safe and warm. We always prioritize safety and our guides are very experienced in early season paddling.

We meet at our kayak center in Bleket, where we have a short briefing before getting dressed and carrying down the kayaks and equipment.

To book, go to our booking at the top of the website and choose spring/winter paddling.

Suggestions for paddling routes!

Here you will find  suggestions for paddling routes when you rent with us. Some proposals require calm weather as they cross the open sea without protection from islands and archipelago. Safety always comes first “better safe then sorry”.

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Stand up paddle board

SUP at sea is a fantastic activity where you have fun and hang out with friends and family, all framed by a beautiful nature in the Bohuslän archipelago. If you want to rent, take a course or buy a SUP, we are there to help you.

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Wildelife adventure in Sweden

On his journey through the Nordic countries, The Guardian’s traveling journalist Kevin Rushby visits Bohuslän and Tjörn. In the article you can read about his fantastic days in the archipelago around Tjörn together with his son Niall.

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Kajaktiv Tjörn - for an active kayak life

Quality & Service

Being able to offer our guests a nature experience that is unique, kayaking in Bohuslän's beautiful archipelago with family and friends is hard to beat. We who work at the kayak center are really dedicated to our work. We strive to contribute to your nature experiences in the best way. It is our mission - to offer experiences and products that give you memories for life and kayaks / SUP to trust, you deserve to get the most out of your valuable time on the water.

About us

Kajaktiv AB was founded in 1995 by active paddlers in Dalarna by the Västerdalälven river. The kayak center at Tjörn was opened 18 years later in 2013 when we realized that there was a need to be able to offer our guests a kayak center with one of the world's best paddling waters at our jetty. Your experience, joy and security are key words that permeate our business all the way. Whether you buy a kayak or a guided tour, our aim is to provide service and experiences with a smile. Welcome to our kayak center at Tjörn!

A sustainable Archipelago

Our kayak center's ambition is to make such a small impression in nature and contribute to a sustainable business and a coast free from litter and plastic. We handle all waste that guests take home for the kayak trip in our recycling bins. A few times a season, staff paddle out into the archipelago and collect plastic and debris that floats ashore on islands and in bays. All our kayaks in the rental fleet have a lifespan of 25-30 years, after which the plastic is recycled and goes back into the cycle and becomes new kayaks.