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Rent a mountainbike

Do you want to explore Tjörn from trails in the mountains or through lush forests near the sea. Rent an MTB from us and have the opportunity to see the sea high up from a mountain or take a break at a beach. We want you to enjoy the best that Sweden's west coast has to offer, whether it is in a kayak or on a bicycle saddle. Tjörn offers fantastic opportunities to explore nature both onshore or at sea.

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Stand Up Paddling can at first sight be perceived as a somewhat odd sports activity. But during your first paddling, you get a lot of positive impressions and for many, this activity is rapidly addictive. Exercise, balance training, experience and intercourse packaged in a paddle board.


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SUP yoga

In collaboration with embrace yoga, we can now present a number of lessons in SUP yoga.
Experience the water, the warmth of the sun and the calm within you with SUP Yoga (Stand UP Paddleboard) this summer! The feeling of power and calm lasts long after you are back on land.
Klara Öhlen guides and leads you through a unique experience!

Paddle the worlds sweatiest art tour !

Put the kayak from our dock, and you are in Sweden's finest paddle water on the right.Together with a guide we’ll paddle among the skerries from Bleket to Skärhamn. We’ll pass small bays and islands which can be only be reached by kayak. After approximately one and a half hours’ kayaking we’ll reach Skärhamn and visit the Nordic Watercolour Museum. During the visit at the art museum you´ll draw attention to the connections between the location, nature and art.

Curious about kayaking?

Start by taking a course with us. For those who have not been kayaking before, but want a good start to a lifelong interest. The aim of the course is to make you feel safe and secure in the kayak, get knowledge of the equipment and an increased interest in kayaking.


Help us keep the coast clean!

Every year, lots of plastic are spilled on our islands in the Bohuslän archipelago. Help us keep our unique coastline clean from debris thrown into the ocean. Bring a bag from Sweden clean and (we have them in the store) and pull your straw to the stack for a cleaner coast. You can not do it yourself, but if everyone does, it will be a lot together!

Welcome to the kayak shop !

The first time you buy a kayak, it's very easy to feel confused. This is especially true if you listen to too many tips. At Kajaktiv we often say "different strokes for different people", meaning that some kayak might suit a person perfectly but for various reasons it is not the best choice for another person. Below we leave some advice that we hope may be helpful in choosing a suitable kayak.

Wild sea kayaking adventure in Sweden !

The guardians traveling journalist Kevin Rushby and son kayak the fjords of a huge archipelago, camp on magical islands – and meet not a single other person. Read the article when he visited Tjörn and Kajaktiv in June 2018.

Paddling wild in Sweden's kayaking paradise

Take a look at CNNs travel magazine visiting swedens westcoast !


Get inspired kayaking in Bohuslän !

Maybe a cup of fresh coffe on Lottas Bak & Form?

A stone's throw from Kajaktiv Tjörn


you can find Lotta’s Bak & Form Sourdough Bakery where you can enjoy freshly baked bread, sourdough pizza,
a latte or maybe a glass of all made from organic produce.
Relax for a while with something good inside the bakery or at the outdoor seating right on the beach front before or after a day’s paddling.